EdTechTitans.com Announces Device Repairs On School Campuses By Students; The Beginning of Widespread Student Entrepreneurs?

EdTechTitans.com continues to grow rapidly as devices are integrated into everyday school curriculum. Students with smartphones, laptops and tablets can now get their devices repaired on campus by classmates. New study shows 62 percent of teachers say they want to use technology in the classroom more than they do and that devices increase engagement and accelerate learning. Electronic devices damaged by kids have cost families $2.8 Billion in 5 years. The EdTech Titan business model teaches the kids to fix the devices themselves, giving them new skills and drastically reducing the repair costs. 


San Francisco, CA  – Apr. 9, 2015 – EdTechTitans.com pairs hands-on device education with software and social network collaboration. Students enroll in a certification program where they must complete device repairs for their school and are then eligible to buy product from their school bookstores to repair devices. Schools save money on repair costs and students are left with a skill they can use outside of the classroom to generate income.

“We are more than just a network,” said Joe Mravca, EdTechTitans’ Founder/CEO. “We are a community of like-minded individuals from SF to NY. All participating students access one collaborative network where ideas, support and encouragement are exchanged across classes, campuses, and state lines.”

Eleven percent of iPads alone break each year and with 258 million Apple iPad units sold as of first quarter 2015, there is a lot of growing room in this space.

But that’s not all. Students learn how to repair iPhones, Macbooks, Chromebooks and other devices at their own pace, on their own time, and interest.

“The EdTechTitans chose to put the controls at the students’ hands. If students want to learn to deconstruct and repair an iPhone, they deconstruct an iPhone. If students want to deconstruct a drone, they deconstruct a drone. We see this as Woodshed 2.0 in schools with all the coolest tech gadgets.”

The EdTech Titans bring valuable world trade skills to school campuses and provide education, materials and constant support to every student in the program.

“We are comprised of soul and purpose. We want to make an impact,” says Mr. Mravca.